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Teaching Boys!

teaching_boys_pic_reduced.JPGThis is a wikispace devoted to the education of boys. Its creation date was October 2, 2010, and at that time its purpose was to become a place on the web to collect research, experiences, and thoughts about boys' learning. There are a lot of ideas and research devoted to boys and the goal of his site is not to collect them all, but to collect pertinent information to help those educating boys.
There are several beliefs associated with this site:
  1. Boys have some learning needs different from girls. To provide the most efficient educational experience to boys a teaching professional must be aware and incorporate this information into their teaching.
  2. Boys need positive learning relationships with their teachers to reach their potential. In fact, the number one underlying key to boy's success in the classroom is having a teacher who understands boys and is willing to develop this relationship with them. There is a page dedicated to The Importance of the Teacher Relationship with Boys. You will find research about teacher/student relationships. Some of it is boys specific, some of it is not.
  3. There has been some remarkable and useful research done on educating boys. There is a page devoted to Research on Educating Boys which includes articles and other writings capturing some of this research. This page will be updated on a regular basis or we find more research or conduct our own.
  4. Boys generally require a more active learning structure where they can move and use their hands. This site promotes Project Based Learning as one strategy to this end. There is a page devoted to research on Project Based Learning.
  5. There is a page devoted to Assessments with a number of articles and links to purpose of assessing students and how to use assessment to promote more effective learning.
  6. I also have attached my research paper as it develops. It will be in rough draft form and will continue to be updated through spring.

We hope you take a look around and if you like what you see let us know or if you would like to join the site please make a request. We are always willing to include others who have experiences with educating boys.